I did something crazy tonight.

October 14, 2017

I did something a little crazy this evening, although not altogether out of character.

On any given day, I have a tab open on Chrome (and usually Safari too) with flight searches to all over the world. Did you know you can fly from LAX to Cape Town for $700 round trip if you pick up and leave in a week? I do. I also know that at this moment it would cost $1,345 to fly to Tonga for a week at the end of October. I can actually tell you the cost of multi destination, round trip, and one way flights to cities on six different contents in the next two months. I guess you can say I have wanderlust in my soul.... and I'm also a little addicted to finding great deals on flights. 

Back to my crazy, and rather impulsive, decision I made tonight. I booked a flight to Asia.... and I leave in 10 days (not only am I impulsive, but I apparently like the energy that comes with hectic last minute travel). This is something I've been dreaming of and planning for a very long time (aka a minimized window of flight searches that's been sitting on my doc for months). I always thought I'd go with a friend or family member. I think deep down that's why I've held off booking a trip. I was waiting for a travel buddy. Now, for the first time in my life, I will be traveling alone. To be completely honest, I'm scared. You know what though, I am also really excited.

At the end of August I built out a trip to Singapore, but some health issues kept me from booking it. Then, in September, I built out a month long tour of Asia. Eight countries in total for an amazing price, but again, another speed bump came my way and altered plans. Priorities changed and once more I put the dream on hold. That brings us to this evening. The open tabs of google flight searches were calling me. 

So where am I going? Hong Kong and Japan. I'm dipping my toes in the water this time around instead of cannon-balling in. I originally had Singapore and Vietnam on the itinerary as well, but I decided at this moment in my life, it's best not to be gone for that long. 

What will I be doing? Well, it turns out I have a lot of really amazing friends and they have introduced me to their really amazing friends in HK and Japan. I will be meeting up with them and getting to know the culture on a more local authentic level. I will be taking TONS of photos (some of which will be available in the shop come November). And I am very excited to say I will also be immersing myself in the automotive culture. I plan to visit the Asia branches of some of my clients here in the States (so photoshoots in custom garages are on the to-do list). 

This is just the beginning of what I anticipate to be a great love affair with Asia. I'll be headed to Indonesia next year to produce a short film that will be entered in a film festival in Bali. I'll then be returning in the fall to partake in said festival. I'll most likely be going back to Japan for an auto show in January. Mainland China, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, and the Philippines are on the list as well. 

I look forward to sharing this little solo adventure with all of you. 



Fun Fact: This will be my 4th continent visited this year and my 5th overall. I'm on a quest for all 7 (originally I was shooting for all 7 this year, but life kinda smacked my in the face from May through September so I had to take a step back). The goal is still 7 and I hope to achieve that in 2018.